About Horseback Riding Houston Stables

Our stable is located on ten beautifully wooded acres in Magnolia, Texas. Magnolia is approximately 10 miles from Tomball, Texas, about 20 miles from Conroe, Texas and about 45 miles NW of Houston, Texas. We offer a wide variety of horse services including, full service horse boarding, adult and youth riding lessons, guided horse rides, horse training (using our no-buck methods), a horse lease program, horse transportation and much more.

Please be advised*** All visits to our barn are by SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT ONLY!! Trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

About Our Guided Rides
Choose the desired ride length.

3 Hr Ride $ 75.00
4 Hr Ride $ 95.00
5 Hr Ride $ 110.00

Over Night Camp Trip Call For $
Please book at least 1 week in advance of the desired ride date to insure availability. All riders will meet at our barn on the scheduled date and time. Bring a sack lunch and beverages for each rider. Saddle bags designed to carry your belongings will be provided. We can design a ride for most any occasion, including but not limited to business groups, birthday parties, boy & girl scout camp outs, etc.

Clothing Recommendations
Don’ts: Shorts expose your legs to rubs from the saddle and from scratches and cuts from branches and limbs, thick toed shoes can get stuck in the stirrups causing a dangerous situation, shoes with no heal can slip through the stirrup, tennis shoes, sleeveless shirts expose you to scratches, tight jeans don’t give you breathing room & flexibility.

Winter Rides
Dress in layers. Comfortable jeans or riding pants. Tee shirt with long sleeve button front shirt over it. Warm coat and gloves. Shoes are important. Wear boots or smooth toed shoes with a short heal. Don’t forget warm, thick socks.

Summer Rides
Tee shirt and comfortable jeans or riding pants. Shoes are important. Wear boots or smooth toed shoes with a short heal.

  • Items To Remember
  • Camera
  • Extra Film
  • Sun Block
  • Bug Spray
  • Water
  • Cell Phone
  • Required medications like inhalers, etc.
  • Small hand towel
  • Food for break time

About Sam Houston National Forest

The Sam Houston National Forest was established in the early 1900’s to preserve the ecosystems from the effects of man. This National Forest covers 47,801 acres and reaches from Montgomery, Texas to New Waverly, Texas. The area in which we ride is known as the Little Lake Creek Wilderness. The 4,000 acre Little Lake Creek Wilderness is on the western edge of the piney woods of east Texas about 5 miles north of the city of Montgomery, Texas. It was designated wilderness on October 30, 1984, when President Ronald Regan signed the Texas wilderness Act. The area derives it’s name from the perennial creek of the same name which flows across it. The wilderness area is bisected by three major creek drainage’s, Little Lake Creek and Sand Branch.

Those drainage’s create a rich ecological mosaic. This pristine forest offers no accommodations such as rest room facilities, water fountains, etc. Items needed for riding or camping out must be carried in with us by horseback. This forest is home to several endangered wild life species, including the Red Cocked Woodpecker and the Bald Eagle. Other wild life inhabiting the forest include armadillo, Possum, raccoon, gray fox, bobcat, white tail deer, mountain lion, wild turkey, the usual reptiles and furbearers, feral hog, numerous song birds and much more.

North bound I45 exit FM 1488. Take a left on FM 1488 and continue west bound approximately 10 miles. Take a right on FM 149 (also known as Montgomery Trace). Allyson Rd will be on the left hand side. The second paved road from FM 1488. Take the left on Allyson Rd and go approximately 1/2 mile. Look for the solid white fence on the right hand side. You’ll see a pasture with horse jumps on the right hand side. Take the next driveway on the right (gravel drive 21688 Allyson Rd). This driveway will lead you to the barn.


Take FM 249 through Tomball, Texas and Decker Prairie, Texas. When you reach Pinehurst, Texas take FM 149 to the right over the railroad track. FM 149 is also called Montgomery, Trace. Continue on FM 149 across FM 1488 from approximately 1 mile. Allyson Rd will be on the left hand side. The second paved road from FM 1488. Take the left on Allyson Rd and go approximately 1/2 mile. Look for the solid white fence on the right hand side. You’ll see a pasture with horse jumps on the right hand side. Take the next driveway on the right (gravel drive 21688 Allyson Rd). This driveway will lead you to the barn.

Horses For Sale

All horses can be viewed and/or ridden at our stable. Pictures can also be e-mailed to you. Remember visits are by appointment only. Feel free to call for more information about any of our horses. We have many other horses that are for sale for the right price or we can find you a horse to your specifications.

Tennessee Walker Stallion (Lumina) $2500.00

7 yrs old, 15.3h, 1350 lbs, Solid black, beautiful horse. Has a strut that’s out of this world. You can bring that glass of wine on this ride. Quiet easy going nature. Call us for more information and his history. Stud service to this horse is available. Papers are not available.

Thoroughbred Gelding (Tom) $1700.00

10 yr old Thoroughbred gelding, 16.2 h, 1250 lbs, Dk Bay, X- Race horse, blood lines go back to Native Dancer & Bold Ruler, has $16,000 + track winnings. Currently being used on our trail rides, but I would love to see him go to an individual who is interested in making something of him. He has a loving personality. He was rescued from a pasture in Louisiana pretty much starved to death. He was just bones with hide stretched across them. As you can see after 6 months he’s coming along nicely.

Quarter Horse Mare (Cinnamon Twist) $2000.00

4 1/2 yr old unregistered Quarter Mare, 15.1 h, 1300 lbs, in foal by Lumina, the Tenn. Walker listed above. She is due in April. Currently used on our rides, well trained, nice smooth gaits. Anyone who knows how to ride can ride her. Loving disposition, really loves people. Would make someone a loyal mount.

Horse Training

Larry Hutchinson, our resident trainer has more than 20 years experience in horse training. He can start your colt with his common sense, no buck, gentle approach, correct problems and illuminate bad habits with your adult horse. He fine tunes them to perform specialized functions such as team penning, roping events, mounted patrol activities, trailer loading, etc. References are available.

Full Service Horse Boarding $250 per month
12 x 12 stalls, daily turn out, daily stall cleaning with fresh shavings added, all grain feed, lots of good quality hay and water should be all your horse will need to stay healthy and happy. All you have to add is grooming, exercise and vet requirements. We are a private barn which is well secured for the safety of your horse with a minimal amount of people around and an ample amount of privacy. We have a deep sand arena to ride in and are located near several good riding parks. There’s room to park your horse trailer and a hot/cold wash rack.

Horse Leasing

Save on the cost of purchasing, feeding and caring for a horse while still enjoying horse related activities.

Partial Lease Program: $250 per month
Gives you 50% use of the horse & stable 50% use, terms are negotiable. Stable is responsible for all feed, vet and other care giving for the horse. All you have to do is come ride.

Full Lease Program: $450 per month
Give you 100% use of the horse, stable can only use horse with your permission. Stable is responsible for all feed, vet and other care giving for the horse. Ride as much or as little as you like.

Tack Rental: $50 per month
Includes all the tack & grooming equipment you will need to enjoy horseback riding at it’s fullest.

Horse Lease Pros and Cons


No unexpected out of pocket expenses for expenses like emergency vet bills. The horse you are leasing is for sale and may have others who is interested in purchasing it.
All daily requirements such as feed, vet, farrier are covered by CES. Partial lease horses may be assigned to an alternate activity.
No need to purchase expensive tack and equipment – for a small monthly fee it will all be provided for you. Terms usually require a 3 or 6 month contract.
Leasee has first right of refusal in purchasing their leased horse.
If your lease horse is lame, injured or unable to be ridden or you’ve experienced a personality conflict, you may ride another CES horse (subject to availability).
Friends can rent a CES horse by the hour and ride with you at our stable.
You can tryout a horse your interested in purchasing before you buy it.
You can participate in Sam Houston National Forest rides for only $35.
Riding Lessons
We provide riding lesson in both English or western disciplines for both children and adult riders.


No cons!

Over Night Camping On Horseback
Over night camping trips are available in Sam Houston National Forest or at Lake Somerville. Each location offers different accommodations. Packages are available with food, camping gear, etc. provided or you can supply the necessities and save on the cost. All packages include a horse, all required tack, care for the horse throughout the trip, and an experienced guide. Packages start at $175 per person for a 24 hr period.

Sam Houston National Forest, located just north of Montgomery, Texas is primitive camping. You must carry all supplies in by horseback. There is no running water, electricity, bath rooms, etc. The camping area is located along side Lake Conroe which offers fishing, swimming, night time camp fires and evening horseback riding.

Lake Somerville, Nails Creek Unit, located out Hwy 290 past Brenham, Texas has camp sites with running water, electricity, public rest rooms, etc. There is a fee for the camp site which is not included in the package prices.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. I’ve never ridden a horse before, do you think I can control a horse?

Answer: Yes, we have horses for all riding levels, from never ridden to very experienced.

2. Do you think I can ride a horse for 3 or 4 hours?

Answer: The time goes very quickly. We ride in 1/2 of the ride length, rest and eat a snack that you have brought with you, then ride back.

3. What age should a child be to be able to handle a 3 or 4 hour ride?

Answer: It really depends on the child. Although I have had children as young as 4 participate in rides and do very well, generally riders under 6 find the ride difficult. They generally tire toward the end of the ride.

4. Do your horses ride nose to tail and refuse to do anything else?

Answer: No! I can assure you that they each have a mind of their own.

5. Can we do any cantering or trotting or do we just walk?

Answer: Depends on many things. The level of skill that each rider has, the weather (i.e. heat), trail conditions, etc. If there is a rider in the group that is a beginner and lacking the ability or confidence to trot or canter it is difficult for others in the group to move on faster because the inexperienced riders horse will want to go on also. In general on most rides we have been able to trot and on some have also been able to canter some. When the riders are all experienced trotting and cantering is certainly ok within reason.

6. What is the largest group that we can handle at this time?

Answer: At this time if one rider has some experience we can provide horses for 6 riders possibly 7. We are a small organization and prefer to keep the rides small and intimate.

7. How do I book a ride?

Answer: Simply e-mail (horsinrnd@hotmail.com) or call (281)356-3452 or (281)999-1857 with the date you would like to book the ride and the amount of riders you want to join the ride and we will set you up and answer any questions you might have.

8. Can I book a ride at the last minute (same day or day before the date I want to ride)?

Answer: Sometimes there is availability, but you shouldn’t count on it. We recommend that you book your ride at least one week before the date requested.